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Brownins Food are a family run business based in Birmingham, which originally started in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Brownin's have developed many recipes over decades and specialise in Caribbean bakery, food and Vegan meals.

We provide exciting flavours and our dishes will tantalise your taste buds.

We produce Coconut Drops, Grater Cake and Gizarda, Toto Cake and Cornmeal Pudding which are traditional Caribbean coconut based cakes and sweets.


We are mobile caterers who follow various festivals and events showcasing our Caribbean food across the country. We offer foods such as Rice n Peas, Patties, Curry Meals, Fried Dumplings and Wraps. We have put a spin on the traditional Jerk Chicken and we have “Jerked” up the Soya.


Contact us if  you would like to purchase our Jerk soya packs 

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