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Our famous Jerk Soya has been popular at many vegan events we do across the country. We have pre-packaged it for you to order online and have delivered straight to you. We hope to develop other products for you to order online also. 

"But It looks like meat"...

Yes it does however it's definitely Soya

Soya (SOYA Bean protein) pieces marinated in

Jerk seasoning.

So What is Jerk?


Jerk is the method in which the food is cooked and a type of Jamaican seasoning which uses a combination of many herbs and spices from Scotch bonnet pepper, thyme, cinnamon and many more.


At Brownins Food we like to incorporate

 our Jerk soya in wraps or with rice n peas, however our Jerk soya can be used in any dish you wish.


Why not try …


Jerk soya stir fry

Jerk soya and sweet potato

Jerk soya bagel

Jerk soya salad


Tag us (@browninsfood) pictures of your own dish using our Jerk soya pieces and Let us know how you’ve had yours.

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